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Here's the next Hen Lab episode! Now all I have left to be caught up is the Massu episode that just aired this week which I should have done sometime soon! It also occurs to me that I have to get caught up on translating NEWS Q10 so that'll be soon too, sorry for taking forever ;_;

In this episode Koyama and a group of sweaty guys try and make a "hot air balloon" rise by just using their body heat, and in the end segment NEWS and Bakarizumu try out some liquid nitrogen in a true A no Arashi fashion.

downloads can be found { here } or { here }
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I'm now back in Vancouver after being in Japan for the past month so I can finally catch up on subbing the Massu & Koyama episodes of Hen Lab! I'm jetlagged and still having troubles with my medications so I'm moving pretty slowly but expect the next Hen Lab episode and my concert reports sometime soon!

In this episode Massu tries to find a better way to wake up than using an alarm clock. There's also the segment afterwards where Tegoshi takes a turn with VR and for some reason Koyama starts crying?

downloads can be found { here } or { here }
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I've subbed episode 5 of Hen Lab! Sorry it took a little longer than I had hoped, I got too absorbed in Zero Escape: VLR (;´Д`)
This week is Koyama's turn and he "researches" if you can film a cool video using just smart phones

enjoy! (*´▽`*)

※ just a note, I'll be away for 3-4 weeks as I'm going back to Japan to see NEWS and AAA, so I will be unable to translate anything for that time - when I get back I'll post MC reports for the four NEWS concerts I'll be going to on here :D

links to download can be found { here } or { here }
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Happy 30th Birthday YOKOO WATARU
I posted this on tumblr but thought I'd post it on my livejournal too (mostly because I want an excuse to use the Watta icon I made but...)

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Hello again!
Here is the Yabu cut from the second episode of Chikarauta he was on from 8 May! I again just did the Yabu cut (which turns out to only be 5 and a half minutes) because like the previous week's episode the rest barely had any Koyama or Yabu in it, so I saw no point in translating it (+ I'm not really a fan of Okazu Club and that's what the rest of the episode was about so...)

In this episode Yabu describes the members of Hey Say JUMP so you can get to know them in just 3 minutes. It seems like Koyama already knew a lot about HSJ though, such a good senpai :'D

downloads can be found either { here } or { here } or at [livejournal.com profile] hey_say (still in the moderation queue)
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I've subbed the first Yabu part of Chikarauta from 1 May! (I was going to sub the whole episode, but I saw no point because the latter half is about Tanaka Misako and Koyama and Yabu barely talk so)
In this episode Koyama and Yabu both talk a bit about their struggles after NEWS and Hey! Say! JUMP debuted and how they overcame them. I thought it was cute how it appears Koyama's been watching over Yabu (and Hikaru) all this time ( ;∀;)
(note: I'll also be subbing the second episode with Yabu in it, I just got the file for it now, so that'll be up within the next few days)


download can be found either { here } or { here } or at [livejournal.com profile] hey_say (it's in the moderation queue)
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I've subtitled Hen Lab episode 4!
This time it's Massu's turn and he sings a very depressing children's song about himself and his woes in order to make babies stop crying
Enjoy! (^◇^)

Links to download can be found either { here } or { here }
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Happy Birthday to my favourite person ♡

Here's an infographic I made for tumblr but though I'd post it here too

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Subtitled a very short clip of Koyama and Shige on Ousama no Brunch!

Links to download can be found ( here ) or ( here )
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As my semester just ended yesterday I finally had time to teach myself how to subtitle things on my own! And as a first project I picked this part of Dash de ItteQ from a few weeks ago that features Koyama and a few of my favourite announcers (I'm a huge fan of NTV in general, especially the announcers).
The whole part is pretty funny, Koyama is the root of all this NTV announcer department drama, and he really fits in well with all the NTV announcers

Download links can be found here or here or at [livejournal.com profile] koyama_daily

(※ I avoid putting links to downloads on my LJ because all posts are public so it's easy for me to link to it on comms, joining these comms is easy though and most NEWS fans are probably already in at least one of them)
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& May's Q10!

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Here's May's Keichankapana!

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Hahahaha so the month right after I decide to start translating Photoshigenic they decide to stop Photoshigenic for good, ALRIGHT THEN
So here's the last installment of Shige's photo series in Winkup.
If anyone has any suggestions for other things I could start translating regularly (or just other random stuff), please let me know!

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April's Keichankapana!
It's a bit longer than usual (*´▽`*)

Koyama dyed his hair )
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Here's March's Keichankapana!

A Santa-ish Koyama )
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Sorry for taking so long to get around to this, been really struggling lately with school & to make matters worse I've grown tolerant to my medications so I'm not very stable :D
But anyway, here's March's Q10!
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As I said earlier, I'm gonna start translating Photoshigenic regularly!
So here is the first of those, the most recent one from the February Winkup.

Enjoy the pranking Koyama madness

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Here with February's Keichankapana!

falling asleep at the gym )


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