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I know this is now a month late but I attended the afternoon show of the 10 October concert in Yokohama and wrote up a report!
Unlike the last time I went to this tour I wasn't sleep deprived and dying so my memory is much better now hahaha
(I didn't repeat anything from my last report so for more details you can read my Fukuoka report here

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On the 6th I was fortunate enough to go to Fukuoka and see the last Fukuoka date of Hey Say JUMP's tour!
I have to say, it was one of the best concerts I have seen so far, they put on a great show. I was blown away.
I hadn't slept the night before and I travelled there from Tokyo the day of so I was in a really weird state during the concert so my memory is kind of hazy and certain things I cannot remember at all (;´Д`) But I wrote down what I remembered! And I looked through Japanese twitter for the entertaining MC parts I couldn't remember too well and translated those.

So here it is~

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