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I know, I know, I have 4 episodes of Hen Lab I should be working on and catching up on WinkUp, AND finishing my QUARTETTO concert reports, but yesterday Miki (Koyama's older sister) made a blog post about Nyanta having surgery and being out of the hospital and I thought since us Koyama fans are also fans of his beloved Nyanta that some might be interested in this

(* the first half of the blog entry is food & recipe related so I'm just skipping to the Nyanta half)
(** I won't post the pictures here, go to her blog entry to see them)

Yesterday, our family cat, Nyanta, was discharged from the hospital~!! He's already 20 years old!!

When I was in high school he was walking around the school with his tiny body, he was so small you could hold him in your hand, I felt sorry for him so I took him home.

And now, this year, he is 20 years old. Apparently that's 100 years old in human years. Up until now he's been super healthy but then he got glaucoma.

When we took him to the vet they told us we had to go to a bigger hospital so we went and got him examined at one.

Then they told us his body was fit for surgery, but because he's 20 years old they told us they didn't know if he could handle the anesthetic. So as a family, we discussed whether or not to do the surgery.

My mother, me, and my little brother (* just to clarify, that's Koyama) were seriously worried. For the past two weeks we were just wondering what would be best for Nyanta? Because he can't speak to us and tell us we were all really conflicted.

We decided to go for the surgery. In order for Nyanta to be comfortable. But if he couldn't handle the anesthetic then we'd have to say goodbye to him. We were really worried.

The other day, the surgery happened.

And it was a great success!! Amazing!! Amazing!! You're amazing, Nyanta!!

Then yesterday he was discharged.

An-chan: "Nyanta is really something, huh"

[picture: An & Nyanta in the carrier]

2 year old An-chan with 100 year old Nyanta

Haru: "My spirit was lifted by Nyanta"

[picture: Haru and Ren with Nyanta in the carrier]

Haru: "Even though Nyanta is an old man he did so well. I'm still young so I'm going to try even harder. I got power from Nyanta."

Now every 2 days he'll have to go to the nearby vet. Nyanta got through surgery because of his good health, and that's thanks to my mother for always taking such good care of him. Thank you, mum.

Nyanta, you did great!! I'll come see you again soon!!

SOURCE: ( Miki's Blog )

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