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Here's August's Q10! As I'm on my iPad, I apologise for any format issues T__T

Question 1: What dream did you have yesterday?
Koyama: I had a deep sleep. Was Tegoshi kissing me a dream?
Massu: I don't think I had one
Shige: I didn't have one
Tegoshi: I didn't have one. I usually have dreams but I didn't have one yesterday. The day before yesterday I did.

Question 2: At what time getting home from work do you think you've gotten home early?
Koyama: 8pm
Massu: 8pm
Shige: 7pm
Tegoshi: Around 7pm

Question 3: What can you make out of origami?
Koyama: A plane
Massu: A plane
Shige: A crane
Tegoshi: A plane

Question 4: From what piece of clothing do you decide an outfit on? (Shoes, jacket, etc)
Koyama: Jeans
Massu: Pants
Shige: Whatever thing I want to wear at that time! Like "I want to wear these shoes!"
Tegoshi: The upper half. Like the jacket

Question 5: A turtle dashing or a rabbit walking on two legs, which do you want to see?
Koyama: A rabbit walking on two legs
Massu: A rabbit walking on two legs
Shige: A rabbit walking on two legs. Because you can already see a turtle dashing!
Tegoshi: A turtle dashing

Question 6: Please say the first thing that comes to mind: A line from an anime
Koyama: "OH! MY KONBU!" Sorry! I'm sorry for always bringing it up (laughs)
Massu: "Are you talking about Kuririn!?" (* a line from Dragonball)
Shige: "Are you talking about Kuririn!?"
Tegoshi: "Gotta catch 'em all!"

Question 7: What's a phrase a woman could use that would cause you to draw back a bit? (* warning you now that this question doesn't translate well at all)
Koyama: (thinking a lot) "Like, _____, but" / "___Nan dakedo" (* this doesn't really mean anything on its own, it's just a way of talking, somewhat like how in English some people will throw in "like" into every sentence they say)
Massu: "It's not ____" / "Ja nee yo" or something? (* it's kind of a manly sounding thing to say which is why I guess he doesn't like when girls use it)
Shige: I kinda don't like people who don't add "o" to the beginning of words. Like I want them to say "o-niku", not "niku". (* in Japanese it's polite and feminine to add "o" or "go" to the beginning of some nouns, like o-niku, o-sushi, o-hashi, etc)
Tegoshi: Using "cute~" all the time

Question 8: What's something this member says all the time?
Koyama: (Shige) "What!?" / "Nan dayo!?" Yesterday I went into the shower ahead of him and he said it to me!
Massu: (Tegoshi) "Anything's fine" / "Nan demo ii yo"
Shige: (Massu) "Take a wet wipe" / "Uetti totte"
Tegoshi: (Koyama) "Nice~" (* in English) He wants to be like me and use my sayings

Question 9: What people do you subconsciously look at when looking out from the car?
Koyama: High school girls. I think, "I have to tell Tegoshi!"
Massu: Running people wearing hats over their eyes
Shige: People with high exposure
Tegoshi: High school girls!

Question 10: Please draw a bear that looks like a dog.

oooooh my goodness that was difficult to type out on an iPad. I'll add colours and stuff when I'm back at my computer T__T did it!

can we just appreciate how the most Koyama, Massu, and Tegoshi can do with origami is a paper airplane while sophisticated and refined Shige can make a paper crane. As expected of Shige-sensei
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