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Finally like two months after the tour I'm getting around to writing my concert reports
First up is the first day of Hiroshima!
My reports will only focus on the MCs and any random happenings throughout the concert, I won't be reporting the setlist & all that stuff


they had this ongoing joke thing going where they'd direct Shige on where to go (I think they did this in Osaka and they were reliving it here because they thought it was hilarious), so Tegoshi was telling him "okay go left, now straight" etc, and eventually just led him off the stage which resulted in Shige storming back up yelling "Okay we're breaking up!" and Koyama was like "noooo, we can't lose anymore members!"

They were mentioning how small the arena was and how they could see everybody clearly because they were so close
Shige: We're so close to everybody! We're so close I'm getting all shy
Tegoshi: Looking at the audience I'm seeing quite few guys who are like me!
The other 3: ....
Koyama: There's nobody like that!
Massu: If there's anyone like Tegoshi here please go home!
Tegoshi: Hey!
Shige: There isn't any! Lately I've been thinking Tegoshi's an alien
Tegoshi: but I have a human mum and dad!

At one point during the MC they started talking about things fans do in the audience and how the boyfriends/fathers/etc brought along to concerts act & they decided to demonstrate:
Massu: Okay Tegoshi you be the girlfriend and I'll be the boyfriend, and Koyama can be the star
Koyama: You say that as if I'm not a star already...
Then they acted it out, Koyama started singing and Tegoshi waved like a crazy fangirl would and Massu as the boyfriend tried to act cool and calm but eventually started slightly bopping along to the music (difficult to explain in words, it was really funny though)

They started talking about their voices in their songs and how the key of NEWS songs is pretty high and they were wondering how difficult they were to sing at karaoke
Massu: Koyama's voice is pretty normal right? Then Tegoshi's voice is super high. Me and Shige's are a bit higher than normal.. No, Shige's is higher than mine right? But his voice is kinda dying
Shige: Yeah, my voice is... Hey who are you saying has a hoarse voice!?
Koyama: Shige has a really high singing voice right? He does Tegoshi's higher harmonies and stuff
Tegoshi: Yeah he does in QUARTETTO and Sirius
Massu: Ah, so that's why it's called Shigeus
Then they got on to talking about how loud Tegoshi is
Massu: Even when Tegoshi's not using a mic his voice is louder than Shige's. Shige can you try talking using your mic?
Shige: I am using the mic?? What do you think this is? (gesturing to the mic)
Tegoshi: A long black stick

Still on the topic of singing NEWS songs at karaoke Koyama mentioned how sometimes at karaoke people will get him to sing a NEWS song
Koyama: Usually I'll sing Chankapana or weeeek, but the "na" note in Chankapana is really hard to sing
Massu: So what do you do when it comes to that part? Do you run away?
Koyama: I go like "okay, everybody sing together now!"

They talked about how when Koyama and Tegoshi watch back the footage of each concert they only watch the MC parts, then later in the concert:
Koyama: I'm looking forward to going and watching this MC back~
Shige: It's not like we're doing this for you! Well, if Koyama is happy then we're all happy

After the MC and they all walk to the centre stage to start the giant music box up for Ai Kotoba they were all goofing around a tonne and everytime Koyama tried to start it up and explain someone would interupt with random dumb gags which caused all of them to break down laughing.
Tegoshi: In Tokyo Dome the media and everybody are there so we have to be proper, so for the last arena dates I want to mess around!

& that's about all I can remember, sorry this is a little short. I have a lot more to write about for the second day of Hiroshima and the Tokyo dome dates, so I'll get that done soon!
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