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and here's June's Q10!
I was going to aim to catch up on all of them tonight but I'm getting a headache and Livejournal seems to be having some issues with posts so I'll try finishing the rest and getting to the 6/23 Hen Lab episode tomorrow. (Sorry I'm taking forever ;_; )

Question 1: How many minutes do you wait until you take the lid off of 3 minute cup ramen?
Koyama: 2 minutes and 15 seconds
Massu: 2 and a half minutes
Shige: 3 minutes
Tegoshi: 2 and a half minutes

Question 2: What is your favourite food made with tofu?
Koyama: Tofu! Boiled tofu
Massu: Cold tofu
Shige: Boiled tofu... Ah, in bitter melon chanpuru (* an Okinawan stir fry dish)
Tegoshi: Sichuan style mabo tofu. The spicy type

Question 3: If you were to express yourself running at full speed in a sound what would it be?
Koyama: "OH! MY KONBU" right? (laughs) (* an anime/manga, I don't know anything about it so I don't know what this has to do with running fast, but ok)
Massu: "Shunn". Or "byuuun"
Shige: "Daaaaa!"
Tegoshi: "Tentekettetteten~ Tenntereten te~nteketetten~ Tententen, auu" It's this isn't it. It's this.

Question 4: At what times do you feel like eating sour things?
Koyama: When I've come home from a concert and am about to sleep. Things like fruits and stuff
Massu: ... never
Shige: When I'm tired
Tegoshi: Right after a concert. Because right now I've been eating Shige's pickled plums

Question 5: If you were on a diet but in the middle of the night you were extremely hungry, what would you eat?
Koyama: Ramen. I've never been on a diet so I don't know
Massu: I'll believe in my willpower
Shige: Cold tofu. Even though I just said I liked boiled tofu (laughs)
Tegoshi: One of those chicken salad things they sell at convenience stores

Question 6: What kind of alcohol do you think is generally cute when a girl drinks it?
Koyama: Kahlua and Milk. I don't really like Cassis and Orange (laughs)
Massu: Beer
Shige: There isn't any that look cute! I'd like a girl who drinks beer with all their might better
Tegoshi: Maybe Cassis and Orange

Question 7: Cat ____. What's the first thing that pops into your head?
Koyama: Hiroshi (* there's a celebrity named Neko (cat) Hiroshi)
Massu: Neko Chuudoku
Shige: Neko Chuudoku. I guess I'll go with that for Tegomass' sake
Tegoshi: I guess Neko Chuudoku, of course

Question 8: What do you scream out during concerts when you get so hyper you break?
Koyama: Lately it's "Niiiiice!"
Massu: "I broke!"
Shige: "Hyahhooooi!" right?
Tegoshi: 'Niiiice!" Usually I'm always breaking (laughs)

Question 9: You're writing your friend a message card and you finish writing the whole thing in black ink, but it doesn't feel like enough. What colour do you add?
Koyama: Pink
Massu: I'll put stickers on it
Shige: Pink
Tegoshi: Red

Question 10: Please draw an illustration of "What if some bread was a soldier?"

Can we just take a second and laugh at Koyama's answer to number 5? Ramen in the middle of the night while you're dieting?! Yes Koyama, it is truly clear to us all that you have never been on a diet before

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