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Sorry for taking longer with this one, after typing out the other one on my iPad I didn't want to go through that again so I've waited until I'm back at a computer hahaha

if NEWS were in an RPG game )
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Here's August's Q10! As I'm on my iPad, I apologise for any format issues T__T

Rabbits on two legs )
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I keep meaning to get around to finishing subtitling the remaining Hen Labs but getting back to school has kind of thrown off my motivation ;_; Thank you to everyone for waiting so patiently!
I'm away from home this weekend and just have my iPad so I'm unable to subtitle but I've managed to get caught up with my Winkup translations so here's the first of those, August's Keichankapana!

Koyama before bed )
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& here's July's Q10!
For some reason majority of the questions this time around are related to travelling (but then all of a sudden we return to questions like "what colour neckties do you own?" I don't understand Winkup's mindset in picking questions)

travelling and hungry crocodiles )
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Here's July's Keichankapana! (^◇^)

koyama's bath photo )
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and here's June's Q10!
I was going to aim to catch up on all of them tonight but I'm getting a headache and Livejournal seems to be having some issues with posts so I'll try finishing the rest and getting to the 6/23 Hen Lab episode tomorrow. (Sorry I'm taking forever ;_; )

bread soldiers )
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I'm finally getting around to catching up on Winkup, here's June's Keichankapana!

tegoshi's kiss attack )
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As my semester just ended yesterday I finally had time to teach myself how to subtitle things on my own! And as a first project I picked this part of Dash de ItteQ from a few weeks ago that features Koyama and a few of my favourite announcers (I'm a huge fan of NTV in general, especially the announcers).
The whole part is pretty funny, Koyama is the root of all this NTV announcer department drama, and he really fits in well with all the NTV announcers

Download links can be found here or here or at [livejournal.com profile] koyama_daily

(※ I avoid putting links to downloads on my LJ because all posts are public so it's easy for me to link to it on comms, joining these comms is easy though and most NEWS fans are probably already in at least one of them)
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& May's Q10!

rhinos are funny )
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Here's May's Keichankapana!

koyama trying to look cool )
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Hahahaha so the month right after I decide to start translating Photoshigenic they decide to stop Photoshigenic for good, ALRIGHT THEN
So here's the last installment of Shige's photo series in Winkup.
If anyone has any suggestions for other things I could start translating regularly (or just other random stuff), please let me know!

Shige goes to Cuba )
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April's Keichankapana!
It's a bit longer than usual (*´▽`*)

Koyama dyed his hair )
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Here's March's Keichankapana!

A Santa-ish Koyama )
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Sorry for taking so long to get around to this, been really struggling lately with school & to make matters worse I've grown tolerant to my medications so I'm not very stable :D
But anyway, here's March's Q10!
what have NEWS been typing into their phones? )
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As I said earlier, I'm gonna start translating Photoshigenic regularly!
So here is the first of those, the most recent one from the February Winkup.

Enjoy the pranking Koyama madness

furiously dancing )
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Here with February's Keichankapana!

falling asleep at the gym )
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I finally finished translating the first NEWS na Futari! Sorry for the long, long, long wait, I just got super busy with school and moving across the world and all that...

It wasn't just me though, since I don't know how to actually subtitle and all that stuff my friend [livejournal.com profile] nipplessyuya helped out and did everything else, so major thanks to her! (*´▽`*)

{ download here } (※ must be a member of [livejournal.com profile] koyashigedake)


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