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I know, I know, I have 4 episodes of Hen Lab I should be working on and catching up on WinkUp, AND finishing my QUARTETTO concert reports, but yesterday Miki (Koyama's older sister) made a blog post about Nyanta having surgery and being out of the hospital and I thought since us Koyama fans are also fans of his beloved Nyanta that some might be interested in this

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Hello again! Recently Koyama's sister, Miki, posted a blog entry about her and her family attending the final day of the NEWS tour and I thought I'd translate it, so here it is!

Also I'm wondering if anybody would be interested if I started translating her blog regularly? Her blog is mainly about food/recipes and her family and has very little relevance to NEWS/Koyama but she's just as lovely as her younger brother and she makes some pretty nice food so.
Let me know! (Or if there's already someone translating it let me know)

Koyama's niece slept through her uncle's concert!? )

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