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Apologies as always for taking forever to do things T_T
To motivate myself to get back to working on translations I thought I'd make this post listing everything I'm planning on getting around to doing.

Listed by priority - the top being highest priority

  • Hen Lab - Koyama and Massu episodes (18 August ~ end of show)

  • WinkUp - NEWS Q10, Keichankapana (need to get caught up)

  • Damasareta Taishou - Summer 2016, NTV Announcer segment (Koyama)

  • Chikarauta - Arioka Daiki as guest

  • That random special show Kanjani8 did on NTV - Koyama part

  • Ue ni wa Ue ga iru mon da - Koyama's first appearance (might do his second appearance too?)

That's what I've got planned so far, thank you for everyone's patience ; w ; (why am I so lazy and unmotivated)
Here's a picture of a beautiful pigeon to make up for it

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I know I have a million things to be working on (2 episodes of Hen Lab, concert reports, etc...) but I thought I'd share with you my findings from a night where I couldn't sleep and decided to look some very important stuff up.

I haven't really seen talk about it among foreign fans at all but in Japan it's quite common for fans to "investigate" into what colognes/perfumes celebrities use (I've had Japanese friends just casually ask me what perfume [insert Johnnys I like here] wears as if it's just common knowledge). If you've been to Japan you may have seen some stores that sell perfumes putting photos of celebrities next to certain ones (I see this quite often in Harajuku), this means that that people have figured out that that celebrity uses that perfume. ANYWAY, basically lots of Japanese fans like to know what perfume their favourite idols use.

So lately I've been having difficulty sleeping what with my plethora of mental health issues and one night when I was lying awake as usual at 4AM I started googling around for what perfume/cologne NEWS (& other Johnnys) use and since I've never seen foreign fandom discuss it I thought I'd share it in case anyone is interested (I know it's creepy but?????? Somehow fascinating, like THIS IS WHAT THEY SMELL LIKE, THEY ARE REAL HUMAN BEINGS!!!!! Okay yeah, I know, I'm creepy)

stop judging me )


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