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Finally here I am, almost 6 months after the concert, and less than a week before the release of the DVD, I am here with my concert report (mainly just the MC) for the 2nd day of the QUARTETTO tour in Hiroshima.
Major apologies for being so inactive, for some reason school just really took up all my motivation despite only having 3 classes this semester.
This may be kind of pointless to post because it's all going to be on the DVD but thought I'd share anyway.
I was at the 2 Tokyo Dome dates as well, but I'm not going to make reports on them because the 1st day's MC was pretty similar to the Hiroshima MCs and the 2nd day is going to be on the DVD and has been written about a lot in magazines.

But anyway, here's my MC report for Hiroshima day 2!
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Finally like two months after the tour I'm getting around to writing my concert reports
First up is the first day of Hiroshima!
My reports will only focus on the MCs and any random happenings throughout the concert, I won't be reporting the setlist & all that stuff
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