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Finally here I am, almost 6 months after the concert, and less than a week before the release of the DVD, I am here with my concert report (mainly just the MC) for the 2nd day of the QUARTETTO tour in Hiroshima.
Major apologies for being so inactive, for some reason school just really took up all my motivation despite only having 3 classes this semester.
This may be kind of pointless to post because it's all going to be on the DVD but thought I'd share anyway.
I was at the 2 Tokyo Dome dates as well, but I'm not going to make reports on them because the 1st day's MC was pretty similar to the Hiroshima MCs and the 2nd day is going to be on the DVD and has been written about a lot in magazines.

But anyway, here's my MC report for Hiroshima day 2!

- During Sirius, Shige fell off his segway and as he ran after it the segue rolled off the stage (rip shige)

- At the beginning of the MC they pointed out all the big fancy cameras around the arena, then announced we'd be getting this concert on the DVD! They said they filmed it because they really wanted to have an arena version of the tour on DVD (in general NEWS, aside from Massu maybe, tend to prefer arena shows over domes, they're constantly saying how they like to be closer to everyone and like seeing everyone's faces, etc - and I think we as fans probably agree! I definitely do)

- During weeeek Tegoshi screwed up one of the lyrics and the other 3 pointed it out during the MC and Tegoshi was like "Well it was Ryo Nishikido's (yes he actually said it like that, the English way) line before so...."

- Koyama was talking about getting a massage the day before and said all of a sudden he felt a different hand on him... it was a naked Tegoshi jumping onto him

- Shige was talking about how the day before he and Massu went out for dinner and heard in one of the rooms over a group of people singing NEWS' Happy Birthday and mentioned how they changed the lyrics to include the girl's name and he asked the audience if she was here. Then Massu was like "And then Shige went over and said hello to them!" and Shige was like "Shige's heart isn't that strong! What would I do if I opened the door and they were all wearing pink (i.e. tegoshi fans)!?" to which Koyama said "But sometimes there are people who dress in green but have Massu uchiwas, so!"

- Koyama & Tegoshi talking about visiting the peace memorial together: T: "a fan of mine was like 2 metres in front of me and we passed eachother!" K: "I actually wanted to tell them! Like 'Tegoshi's right here!!!!'"

- Koyama said how in the hotel for breakfast he ordered french toast with lots of whipped cream, and Shige said "at 32 years old, french toast for breakfast!?" to which Massu replied "French toast is good for all ages"

- At one point during the MC they were all standing really close together so they were like "let's stand further apart again" but Massu kept edging closer to Tegoshi everytime Tegoshi tried moving away

- They tried out different fan calls for each member, with Shige they suggested him to say "I say Kato, you say..." and the fans would yell out "SHIGE!" and shige would say "KATO!" and then the fans, "SHIGE!" etc, and they all thought that sounded good (lame, but good) then for Tegoshi he decided on him saying "Yu" and the fans responding "ya" which worked out alright, then Koyama was confused as to what would sound good for him to do and tried out him saying "Koyama" and the fans responding "Keiichiro" but it just ended up sounding really awkward because Keiichiro has way too many syllables LOL Then for Massu he was just like "OKAY EVERYONE LET'S DO THE USUAL" and then screamed out nonsense for a response but as expected none of us knew what he was talking about so he got no response. Sorry Massu.

- At the end of the main MC when they walk over to play the music box they kept on goofing around, much like the first day of Hiroshima, but EVEN MORE. Some of it was just nonsense, like inside jokes with eachother. They goofed off so much they ended up having to restart the music box FOUR TIMES because they kept messing it up. Each time they restarted the music box Tegoshi would say the same thing: "What's this? It's Ai Kotoba! Do you all like Ai Kotoba?" to which each time we all screamed out "YES!" By the 4th time all of NEWS and all of us were laughing a tonne (I was in tears)

Some brief notes on the Tokyo Dome shows:

- Day 1 6/11: During Koyama's solo, at the end when he falls down and lies on the stage the mic started rolling and hit him in the head. Oh Koyama...

- Both days: The big "surprise" for the Tokyo Dome dates was that the orchestra featured in the Yonjuushi PV were here to do Yonjuushi and Hoshi o Mezashite

- Day 2 6/12: During the MC after Tegoshi and Massu sang an impromptu Aoi Bench, Koyama and Shige retaliated by coming back on stage singing Iitai Dake and Chirarizumu (I never thought I'd see a Koyashige song sung again!!!!!)

- Day 2 6/12: As with the rest of the tour they didn't have a 2nd encore prepared (which was surprising, they usually have one for the 2nd day of each location...) but this time they came out and to decide on a song to sing they had a huddle on the stage for a few minutes

and that's about all my main points! I'm really hoping they include the MC for the Hiroshima concert on the DVD, it was one of my favourite MCs at a concert thus far, I laughed a lot.
Only like 3 days until DVD now!

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Thank you so much for sharing your awesome experience.Very much appreciated.

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Thanks for sharing! ü
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