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Sorry for taking longer with this one, after typing out the other one on my iPad I didn't want to go through that again so I've waited until I'm back at a computer hahaha

Question 1: What kind of soba is your favourite? (* majority of these don't really have an English translation so if you're really curious about what kind of soba it is just google it and you'll see pictures)
Koyama: Tenzaru soba
Massu: Cold tempura soba
Shige: Duck seiro soba
Tegoshi: Tororo soba

Question 2: What kind of tag game did you often play as a kid?
Koyama: Secret base tag
Massu: Power Rangers tag
Shige: Cops and robbers, maybe
Tegoshi: Cops and robbers

Question 3: What colour is the fan in your house?
Koyama: I don't have one
Massu: Black
Shige: I don't have one
Tegoshi: I don't have one (laughs)

Question 4: What flower do you think feels summery?
Koyama: Sunflower
Massu: Sunflower
Shige: Sunflower
Tegoshi: Sunflower

Question 5: What's a pool accessory you used a long time ago but don't anymore?
Koyama: Kickboards sure are nostalgic!
Massu: A towel to tie up your hair with. Guys use them too. I actually have one at my house (* I think he's talking about these)
Shige: Hmm... a pool ring. Since I've become an adult I don't go to the pool
Tegoshi: I don't use a kickboard

Question 6: What colour of shoe do you find cute on a girl?
Koyama: Those ones that have pink on white
Massu: White and black. Red is cute too
Shige: White
Tegoshi: White

Question 7: Would you wear a knit hat in the middle of summer?
Koyama: Nope.
Massu: If it's not hot
Shige: Wouldn't you?
Tegoshi: Yes

Question 8: If you were in an RPG what would your class be?
Koyama: What suits me? A priest? Okay, I'll go with priest then. Winkup told me that (laughs)
Massu: A villager. Ah, actually a villager stronger than the protagonist
Shige: A sage
Tegoshi: Hero

Question 9: What is your favourite fruit that's hard to eat?
Koyama: Passion fruit
Massu: An apple
Shige: As expected, a peach. Because it's round
Tegoshi: An orange. Peeling it is annoying!

Question 10: Please draw an irritated hippo

※ massu's says "hippo" & I think he's making somewhat of a pun on the word as it uses the word "cut" in it

The questions this time around aside from the RPG one were rather uninspired... Like the colour of their fan?? What colour of shoe is cute on a girl??? seriously????
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